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Gráinne Maher,  Elin Johnston,  Rachel Fitzpatrick

Gráinne Maher, Elin Johnston, Rachel Fitzpatrick

PREVIEW – Tues 9 Apr, 7.30pm–9pm

Three leading, local women designers showcase their latest creations inspired by linen.

Gráinne Maher has been creating bespoke headwear for the past 10 years. Her most recent leather florals collection combined the finest metallic and nappa lambs skin, Swarovski wirework and eye catching shapes, to create her new signature style. Gráinne will combine her leatherwork with linen for the very first time, drawing on the local legacy of this material to create a series of couture millinery pieces.

Elin Johnston, artist/jeweller, specialises in creating one–off and limited edition pieces in precious metals. This series is inspired by linen, interpreting and honouring the associations and ties between the linen industry and the people who committed their lives to it.

Rachel Fitzpatrick works at the interface of art and design using a variety of tactile materials. In keeping with the deep–rooted crafts and linen heritage of a rural society Rachel loves the challenge of transforming heavy–duty industrial textiles and fabrics into magically beautiful commissioned works of art or affordable design products.

  • Date: Wed 10 Apr - Thu 18 Apr
  • Cost: FREE
  • Time: Mon–Fri 9.30am–10pm, Sat 9.30am–5pm - Closed Sundays.
  • Venue: Galleries 1 & 2

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