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Preview – Wed 26 Sep 7pm–9pm

To run alongside the LINEN BIENNALE 2018, ISLAND Arts Centre will host a complementary exhibition involving 9 artists who work in Textiles, Jewellery and Ceramics.

LOST IN LINEN responds to the biennale themes of RECALL, RETHINK and REFORM celebrating new approaches to linen as a communicator of messages. Messages about tradition, longevity, sustainability, creativity, identity, documentation, feelings, industrialisation, production, process and design.

Work from Local, National and International artist/makers include Claire Mooney Jewellery, Elin Johnston Jewellery, Anna Smyth Ceramics and textiles artists Tim Parry–Williams, Sirpa Morsky, Heather Burgess, Sinead Black, Tara St. James and Jane McCann.

We are open Mon–Fri 9.30am–10pm and Sat 9.30am–5pm (closed Sunday).


  • Date: Thu 27 Sep - Fri 26 Oct
  • Cost: FREE
  • Time: 9.30am - 10pm
  • Venue: Gallery 1 & 2

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