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Enjoy the diverse exhibitions of the ISLAND Arts Centre or join us for a special tour to delve into the history, design and architectural elements of the ISLAND complex. Great for schools, colleges, seniors clubs and youth/community groups.

All talks and tours are guided by Amanda Croft, curator of the UTV Art Collection and can be tailored to suit every group but must be pre–booked, and are subject to availability. Minimum of six people are required. Contact Una on 02892 509 509 or email: una@island.lisburn.gov.uk


  • Date: Fri 10 May - Sat 29 Jun
  • Time: Time that suits

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Eye on the ISLAND Gallery Tours

ArrowEye on the ISLAND Gallery Tours
Fri 02 Jan - Tue 30 Jun at – A time can be arranged to suit

Harmony Hill Craft Group

ArrowHarmony Hill Craft Group
Tue 12 May - Wed 27 May at 9:30am

Thompson House Hospital Exhibition

ArrowThompson House Hospital Exhibition
Wed 13 May - Sat 27 Jun at 9:30am

Reassembled, Slightly Askew By Shannon Yee

ArrowReassembled, Slightly Askew By Shannon Yee
Mon 01 Jun - Sat 06 Jun at Various times – must book in advance

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